We are involved in providing Naturopathy Treatment to our most reliable customers. Naturopathy Treatment is a century old healing disciple that fell from favour about 40 years ago, when drugs and technology became the norm. But recent years have seen the revival of naturopath’s popularity, as more people have become disillusioned with conventional medicine. Naturopaths believe that illness is caused by bad living habits like eating the wrong foods, too much stress and not having enough exercise. As a result of all these, waste materials and bodily refuse build up and poison the system.

The therapy is to throw off these toxic accumulations by adapting to a healthier regime including a wholesome diet, hydro therapy, manipulation and psychological counselling. “The human body is made up of five elements”.

Five elements of nature are:

  • Air - Air Flows freely through out the body, giving movements to biological functions and feeding every cell with oxygen.
  • Fire - Fire Provides the body with heat and radiant energy and exists within all metabolic and chemical action.
  • Water - Water is our Life sustaining nectar, making up more than 70% of our total mass.
  • Earth - We Nourish ourselves with food from earth and eventually our body returns to the earthly matter from which it came.
  • Space - Its ever Present humbly, residing in the background providing the other elements with an opportunity to interact this way.
  • “Whenever an imbalance takes place in these proportions, the human body immune system gets weaken up and prone to catch diseases”.