• Universal life force – energy, has already given & also, continuously giving us pure sacred energy support, in every min & every moment. Energy is continuously active for each living being and especially for human beings.
    It contains of all human dealing like as, health, wealth, and humor of mankind, emotions and karmas. Valay sanskara is one sacred science of mankind, humor, emotions and karmas with holistic approach towards life
  • Valaya Sanskar is experimental philosophy. From which human beings / living being can transform their aura with sacred energy that is universal light. E.g. : sunlight , moon light. It can help each one to positively transform their biological, psychological, vitally effects of aura.
  • Valaya Sanskar is the process which blesses us to transform our energy into white light. Which can help us to gain a) good health b) peace full life c) satisfactory success.

Valaya Sanskar practically designed and implemented as vedic reiki.
Valaya Sanskar practice -------- omkar sadhana

  • seven chakras
  • seven rhythms
  • seven pitch
  • ten directions
  • improvising meditation (3min to 9 min.)

Valaya Sanskar gives us answers of known as well unknown Quests in our mind.
As follows……………………………………

  1. 1. What is or should be the concept of God ?
  2. 2. How rituals & festivals relates our day to day life style ?
  3. 3. Could we able to see God ?
  4. 4. Is it enough to do any kinds of rituals monotonously ?
  5. 5. Then how Rituals should be performed ?
  6. 6. How we could find energy support every movement ? Is it needed?
  7. 7. How we are belonging to our Dreams ? what are perticular Dream’s roles in our life ?