Firstly we have Reiki concept originated with Japanese Usui System. That, we call traditional Reiki system. But Dr. Usui had discovered system of Reiki from root knowledge of Indian Vedic Science. Is really the fact.

Accordingly the progression legacy about, discovery of Reiki System, Vedic Reiki comes after Usui Reiki System. So here by, we belief an ancient techniques are traditional & further on basic concepts of Usui system we discovered New form of Vedic Reiki system.

Basically, Vedic reiki is technical system of Vedas related to frequencies and 5 elements. Which contents traditional aspects related to karmic improvisation technique and humor of mankind.

Traditional Usui Reiki system is natural healing technique of The Universal Energy Force which is abstract energy support & on the other hand Vedic Reiki is system of technical processes to prove visible Energy support of The Universe by The 5 Elements.

Both systems are equally important for human energy support. Which takes us towards divination of our Aura & It serves us, experience based knowledge.

  • 1. System goes to root causes & effects of our Past as well as present - continuous Karmas.
  • 2. These healing technique helps us to move towards Truth of our karmas.
  • 3. It is improvisation processes to see our karma gati.
  • 4. It improves our Past / present / present past / present continuous, Karmas and Actions with the help of particular processes & Life style.
  • 5. It groom us with Trinity aspect of knowledge and Time, space, motion effects on our throughout Life.
  • 6. Karmic processes & Aura Science practice can transform our life towards divination.

Karmic processes and Aura practice as follows.

  • 1. Yajana-yajan, agnihotra, vyahruti, hom, havan etc.
  • 2. Anushthan, jap, tap, pranayaam, niyam, aasan, etc.
  • 3. Vratas & pooja, vrat-vaikalya conception/ misconception.
  • 4. Five elements pooja, archana, & relation about quantum physics.
  • 5. Omkar sadhana.
  • 6. Trinity concept of knowledge. Triguna shakti.
  • 7. (Dhyan saadhana) meditation. Search of Sanchit karma.